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Words are my super power.

I am a certified Master Life-Cycle Celebrant with certifications in Weddings, Funerals, Ceremonies Across the Lifecycle, and Ceremonies for Healing and Transition. I have received the "Couple Choice Award" from WeddingWire 10 years in a row. I have performed hundreds of ceremonies for hundreds of clients. And no two of those ceremonies have ever been the same. I am trained in the art of story ceremonies and words are my super power.

There is more than one definition of sacred. Let's talk about whatever it is that brings fullness and awe to your life, and craft a ceremony that honors and articulates what matters most to you. We were battling growing isolation before Covid 19, and it's unclear how the current crisis will influence or inform us as we adjust. Neuroscience tells us that if we don't find a way to describe what we feel, we tend to discount the feeling- and to push it away as either silly, unworthy, or wrong. Bad ceremony leaves us feeling numb or dumb.

We need some way to mark the passages in our lives.

At the intersection of our lives, we need ceremonies. We always have. Like way back to cavepeople times. The need to commemorate is woven into our DNA.

I craft personalized ceremonial experiences womb to tomb: Parent Blessing Ways, Family Welcomings, Weddings, Funerals and Memorials. I also work with families and individuals looking for a way to bring meaning and acknowledgment to various life experiences including vow renewals, home and business openings,  personal ceremonies for illness and recovery, gender renaming and name claiming, and more. I work with civic, business, and community organizations on public ceremonies of commemoration or celebration.

If you feel like you need a ceremony- but don't quite know what that means, I can help. All you have to do is reach out.  

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Whatever you think ceremonies have been, is not the way ceremonies need to be.  I make ceremonies feel accessible, understandable, engaging and authentic.