Vision Board and Soul Collage(r) Workshops

Creative courses for focus and self care

Looking for a way to get deeper into your own heart, goals, or passions? They say a picture paints a thousand words, and I can help groups of all sizes find a creative outlet through vision boarding.  As a Certified Soul Collage(r) Facilitator, we can keep this as light as air or take it deeply into our bones.  I provide all the required resources and supplies, you provide the guest list and the facility space. 
"Elisa made us feel comfortable and focused, but we still had lots of room for fun and interaction.  I came away from our night with a clear head and a full heart"- Cathy, Vision Board participant

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Vision Boards help us connect to our selves

Vision Boards can be done in groups of all sizes

A fun night with an activity that can be as meaningful or as light hearted as each person wants it to be



Currently, workshop offerings are limited due to public health guidance.  Outdoor events, and events with limited capacity are being considered on a case by case basis.  Workshops will resume when we have all made it out of this difficult time.  Workshops are only being facilitated in Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire at this time.