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Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Open-hearted, unconventional, passionate, an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, proud Mom to a family that includes gay, bi, and non-binary kiddo's, ballroom dancer, gardener, show tune enthusiast, liberal, rarely libertine, lover of animals, nature, coffee, and a finely bulleted "To-Do List". I graduated from the prestigious Celebrant Foundation and Institute ( in 2010. I am trained in the art of story ceremonies and words are my superpower. I hold certifications in Weddings, Funerals, Ceremonies Across the LifeCycle, and Ceremonies for Healing and Transition. I received the "Couple Choice Award" from WeddingWire 10 years in a row. I have performed hundreds of ceremonies for hundreds of clients. No two of those ceremonies have ever been the same.

If your sense of reverence or spirituality has never quite fit convention, I get it. There is more than one definition of sacred. I am a preacher's kid, my Mom was an Episcopal Minister, and I am proud of her. I am an endorsed Humanist Celebrant, and I believe that spirituality is personal and unique. My role is to articulate your beliefs, not tell you what or how to believe. And my Mom, at 94, is proud of me.

Let's talk about whatever it is that brings fullness and awe to your life, and craft a ceremony that honors and articulates what matters most to you. I will give you some questions that will help me get to know you, I will create a draft of your ceremony and send it to you for your input and feedback. I don't ad-lib, and I don't include anything you have not approved in advance.

My ceremony philosophy is simple: It's your story, your ceremony, your way. I welcome all alignments, spiritualities, perspectives, sexual orientation, the spectrum of gender identification, cultures, and traditions. I don't tolerate or represent hate or bigotry. I work where love and kindness are valued.

Celebrant, Executive Director, Facilitator, Public Speaker, Writer

For the past 5 years, I have been on staff at the very same organization where I obtained my certification as a Master certified Life-Cycle Celebrant. I started as an instructor and an instructional designer, and now I am the Executive Director and the President of the Board of Directors. We are a movement 20 years strong in North America, that empowers people to be an active part in the crafting of the rituals and ceremonies that tell the stories of their lives. You can see more at I love helping people find meaning in their lives, and have been published in Spirituality and Health, Martha Stewart Weddings, featured on "The Real L Word" and more. I am a trainer and a public speaker across the country.

I have lived some life

Prior to becoming a Full-Time Celebrant, I worked as a Program and Project Manager in Information Technologies for public and private sector businesses. I owned my own consulting firm. No matter how hard I worked (and I worked hard) or how much I worked (96 hour work weeks while raising a family) I felt fairly empty inside. To be a full-time Celebrant, I needed to risk the comfort of family life that my husband and I shepherded including 5 kids, 1 elderly Mom, 6 chickens, a dog or 2, a couple of birds, a big OLD needy house. It was not an easy leap, but I did it. Becoming a full-time Celebrant lead me to greater happiness and fulfillment than I ever expected. And now I get to help hundreds of other encore career seekers make the same transition. Are you interested in becoming a full or part-time certified Life-Cycle Celebrant? I can show you how. Email

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